SINCE 1997

Alphasauna is a professional manufacturer and company, from below advantages that we dare to say we are sauna expert in market, specially as a front-runner status in Chinese supplier. We own an 18 years experience team in sauna trade, sauna is from Finland and become popular in China around 1997. Our founder was devoted into sauna trade since 1997 and develop a professional excellent technology team, including principal in designer, manufacture, QC, and after sales consult.


Our products’ designer is coming from Huawei company that with high and design idea in the world, force on every details of practicability and popular in market, our designer team can help customer to draw out the products around 2-4 hours as long as customer give us specific requirements. Besides, our manufacture principal with 18 years technology and experience, and we can make out new sample come to reality within 24 hours after get drawing from designer, and confirm every details of manufacture requirements.


Meanwhile, Our sales principal also with 9 years experience in sauna trade, and we often receive high speak of customer that We have the best professional sales manager in China that they had done business more than 10 years here. Our sales team is bridle-wise, well trained always when negotiated with customer and supply before sales service, we always can solve the customer’s question, doubt at first time, always can stand in customer’s situation to make an consideration.


Always can give professional suggestion as per customer’s requirements. If you cannot find a suitable item in our current sales arrange, and we think our sales team must can recommend an suitable customized products for your luxury life’s use.


In addition to our excellent technology team and professional sales team, Strong after sales service is alphasauna’s another big advance in market. All our after sales consultant with good English skill to make a correct communication, they are well note alphasauna’s construction, features and functions, so when customer have any problem in installation, using or with improper working situation, our sales consultant will work with technology team to solve customer’s question at first time, we always can give helpful solution in our customer’s question including sending assemble manual, assemble video, trouble shooting suggestion etc.


And make alphasauna’s product can become worry free in after sales that help our wholesaler enlarge and keep reputation in their market, retailer with stable sales channel, terminal user can happily enjoy.


You've made it all the way down here. It's time to steam sauna.


You've made it all the way down here. It's time to steam sauna.