Alphasauna’s main mission is that producing satisfactory and excellent quality products to meet different requirements for customers. Meanwhile,we need to establish our own ” Alphasauna” as a famous brand in the world.

Plus, more and more B2B, B2C etc customer can get their own OEM, ODM qualified products from alphasauna that we can help customers to maintain a stable improving market share year by year, and make Alphasauna is a strong partner support for all our customers to keep good reputation in their market. 


Customer’s success is alpha’s success, and this is the best direction for alphasauna’s development. Besides, We are using artificial intelligence technology to improving our customized ability and production ability, Germany’s industry 4.0 workshop is our pursuit to finished these years. We do a great hard working in guarantee quality and also improving production ability since market demand of alphasauna’s products is getting more and more these years. 


In addition to those two important aspect, worry free in after sales service is our third important point that we  never stop pursuit, this can help customer can do business simple, happy sales, happy use, easy and simple business idea.  Persistent Solidarity efforts to make Alphasauna become a super 5 stars factory and  partner in customer’s heart. 


To provide superior quality healthy wellness sauna products and service to all over the world, unlimited service to alphasauna’s each customer who always in our heart. And believe that alphasauna  can compete with world famous brand Tylo, Harvia, Helo, Sawo etc in near future. 


To make the world fall in love with the Chinese made. And we can be proud of standard in international stage and declare to all over the world: Alphasauna is famous brand coming from China, we are with high quality, high service, high level! We have great vision that: Alphasauna products can be everyday, everywhere in your luxury life.